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Hyundai Motor Reveals First Images Of All-New Tucson

Hyundai Tucson

The first pictures of the all-new Tucson were unveiled by Hyundai Motor. New design outstandings include Hyundai’s most recent implementation of the classic ‘Parametric Hidden Light’ architecture and a double cockpit layout, offering an intuitive, customized environment for high-tech user experience.

The brand persona of Hyundai’s ‘sensual sportiness,’ first debuted on the new Elentra, gives Tucson’s forward-thinking ‘Parametric Dynamics’ brand concept an emotional boost.

The advanced exterior styling of the new Tucson demonstrates what Hyundai designers call “Parametric Dynamics,” which employs lines, faces, angles and shapes to produce cinematic jewel-like surface details.

Hyundai Tucson

The first impression of parametric hidden lights is good. These signatures are smoothly incorporated in the cheerful grille of the daytime running lights (DRLs), which only appear when the driver is turned on.

The new Tucson ‘s corps is typically larger and broader than previous versions, providing an expanded wheel body with long caps and short overhangs. This means the SUV is coupe-like. Another understanding of this parametric concept is provided by angular body panels from the side.

Chiseled surfaces contrast a sleek silhouette with a masculine wedge. The flared wheel and fat tires, which decorate the new generation SUV, also appealed to us. On the back, the Tucson displays a lovely tail light panel that covers the tailgate.

Entering the spacious interior of the all-new Tucson is like entering an ordered space according to designers from Hyundai. Tucson’s internal architecture has changed and the gauge cluster housing of the declared surface has been shown and taken down.

The large dashboard ridge blends seamlessly with the doors and wraps them like a deep gorge. Twin silver lines that run from the middle of fascia to the backdoors are harmonized in complementary, neutral tones by carefully coated premium surface materials.